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Why Electronic Document Management?

August 2, 2011adminGeneralComments Off

Electronic document management means learning to manage content and the documents that support it in a digital world.  Being paperless could mean different things to different people.  It could mean content management, document management, business process management, document imaging, records management or document capture among others.  To be paperless, you should consider the importance of managing digital information and maintaining the integrity of the document as the source.  Managing digital documents takes a degree of discipline.  Many things need to be considered such as what is the document?  Why is it needed?  How will the documents be accessed and used?  Who needs to access it?  Is the information sensitive?  How long must the information be kept?  Am I complying with current laws and regulations?

Your source files must be reliable or an accurate representation of the original.  When you are evaluating going paperless, the archive file you choose must be reliable 5, 10 or even 30 years from now.  For electronically born documents, retaining the native format is the most desired format.  For paper to image files, PDF is the ideal format for sharing, archiving and meeting legal requirements.
A completely paperless office in a typical business environment today is not totally realistic, however, there is no reason not to begin the initiative, improve processes and benefit from better leveraging information immediately.

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