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Can I use colored separators between my printed documents?

It is possible to use color separators between documents being printed from DocuLex Professional Capture or IP Studio, as long as the document breaks have been captured while scanning.

In order to print using color separator sheets specific print rules have to be created and ‘printer bins’ have to be defined.

To define a new printer bin, select Options/Tray Settings from the menu and choose the tab of an installed printer. Define two separate ‘bins’ from the existing paper trays on the printer.

Using the defined bins, create print rules which will switch paper trays between document breaks and eject a sheet of colored paper:

Event = “New Doc” : Action = SwitchTray : Parameter “TRAY2″
Event = “New Doc” : Action = Eject : (Leave the Parameter field empty)
Event = “New Doc” : Action = SwitchTray : Parameter “TRAY1″

The parameter is case sensitive and must match the name entered for the bin.  More information about paper tray switching can be found in your DocuLex product manual or DocuLex product help guide. The current DocuLex manuals can also be found on our Tech Notes page.

My Bookmark or Mark Detection forms are printing improperly, what settings should I use?

DocuLex recommends the following settings for optimum printing of Mark Detection forms from a laser printer:

  • Use a PCL driver manufactured for the printer being used
  • In the printer settings, set the graphics type to raster (not vector)
  • In the printer settings, set the font settings to ‘print as raster’ or ‘print as graphics’

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