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Installation Questions

When I run the program I receive the error ‘WinASPI.dll not found’, what do I do?

DocuLex scanning software requires the use of the drivers provided with the Adaptec ASPI layer. These drivers can be found in the downloads section of the Adaptec web site at www.adaptec.com. Be sure to install the latest drivers for your operating system to ensure proper scanner operation.

What are the system requirements for DocuLex Software?

The system requirements for the different DocuLex products may be found on the product pages.

DocuLex Professional Capture/Office Capture/IP Studio/Goby Capture:


DocuLex WebSearch:

When I run the program I receive the error ‘Crypto Box not found’, what do I do?

This error is most commonly caused by the Dongle (Crypto Box) not being directly attached to the parallel port or USB port of the PC.

If the error is encountered while the Dongle is attached, the likely cause  for a parallel Dongle is either: an improperly configured parallel port, a faulty parallel port, or a faulty Dongle. The parallel port may need to be configured as an ECP port in the BIOS of the computer for the Dongle to be properly recognized.

For a USB Dongle, the causes might include missing Dongle drivers or a faulty Dongle.

More information on Dongles can be found in the Dongles portion of the DocuLex FAQ.

When I run the program I receive the error ‘Installation did not register drivers’, what do I do?

The ‘Dongle’ that is used with DocuLex scanning software requires that certain drivers be installed. In order for the drivers to be properly registered by the installation program, the installation program must be run by a user who is logged in as an Administrator on the station. If this does not correct the issue, the user can also install the latest ‘CBSetup’ patch provided by our dongle manufacturer, which can be found on the Marx Crypto-Box web site at www.dongles.com.

When I run the program I receive the error ‘scanner.dll not found’, what do I do?

This error is usually encountered when the captpro.ini or captofc.ini files located in the c:\Windows folder have been deleted. To correct this issue,  select Scan /Select Scanner from the menu in the program and choose the appropriate scanner driver.

When I run the program I receive the error ‘Scanner not found’, what do I do?

This error is generally encountered when the scanner is not showing up as an Imaging Device in the Device Manager. Be sure that the scanner is¬†powered on and that the manufacturer’s Twain driver is installed.

How do I install the drivers for a Kofax-based scanner?

Professional Capture / Office Capture
The Kofax Driver must be chosen during the installation of the software. After the software is installed, you can choose to switch to the Kofax Autoscan by selecting Scan > Select Scanner from the menu.

DocuLex Legacy Software
The Kofax version of Autoscan can be found in the Autoscanvideo folder of your DocuLex software installation CD. In addition to installing the DocuLex Autoscan, you must also install the proper Kofax Image Controls software for the scanner. More information about Kofax scanner support can be found on the Kofax web site at www.kofax.com.

When I run the program I receive the error ‘LoadLibrary Failed’, what does this mean?

This error will occur with the DocuLex TwainScan driver when the manufacturer’s TWAIN datasource has not been installed. The TWAIN datasource for a scanner can generally be found on installation discs that come with the scanner, or also on the manufacturer’s web site.

How do I maintain all of my thread settings when upgrading to a new version of Goby Monitor?

Thread settings for Goby Monitor are stored in the monitor.ini file located in the C:\Program Files\DocuLex\Goby\Common folder of the machine running the Goby Monitor software. Create a backup of this file before upgrading Goby Monitor. After performing the upgrade, be sure to register the software before restoring the monitor.ini file.

After installing WebSearch4, I launch the program from the shortcut and receive the error “Server Error in ‚Äė/WebSearch4‚Äô Application. Parser Error”. How do I fix this error?

This is usually an indication that the website is using the wrong version of .NET. Go to Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Internet Information Services. Select the Default website, right click and select Properties. Select the ASP.Net tab and change the .NET to v2.0.

After installingWebSearch4, I launch the program from the shortcut and receive the error “<% page language="'c#" inherits=WebSearch4.Migrated_index, WebSearch4_deploy" validaterequest="false"...>“. How do I fix this error?

This error is usually an indication that .NET v2.0 is not installed or it is not registered. To register .NET select Start > Run and type in cmd and select Ok. At the command prompt change the directory to c:\windows\Microsoft.net\Framework\v2.0.5072. Type aspnet_regiis ‚Äďi at the prompt, which will result in messages displaying that .NET is being registered.

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