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My 2-D barcodes are printing backwards. How do I correct this?

This issue is fairly common when using lower-end printers. To resolve the issue, open the goby.ini file located in c:\windows  and include the following two lines:


This will cause the 2-D barcode image to be swapped when printing your Goby Recognition forms. Keep in mind that this change will affect all printers on your system, if some printers are currently printing properly making this change will cause them to print the 2-D barcode backwards.

I am receiving the error “2-D Barcode Read Error”. How do I correct this?

This error is most often caused by the 2-D barcodes printing improperly on your Goby recognition sheet. Click Here to see a common resolution to this error.

I am receiving a “Registration Mark read error”. How do I correct this?

This error is most often caused by image quality issues from the scanning device. Depending on the settings that are being used, the scans may have large amounts of white “stippling” (tiny dots) within the registration marks on the Goby Profile Form (the four black boxes in the corners). Adjusting the scanner settings so that the scanning is being performed as “Text” or “Text/OCR” will usually resolve this error.

Goby Monitor crashes immediately when the program is started. How do I correct this?

The Goby Monitor software is designed to process Group IV (MMR) Tiff images and 24-bit JPEG images. Sending an invalid image format (such as an LZW Tiff or 8-bit JPEG) may cause the program to fail. Usually you can modify the settings of your scanning device to prevent this error from occurring.

If you are not sure of the format of the images that you are processing via Goby, contact DocuLex Product Support via support@doculex.com with an attached image that is causing the software to fail, and we will check the image format to be sure that it is valid.

You can also check the image format yourself using third-party software such as Irfanview.

Removing the problem image from the input folder that Monitor is watching should resolve the crashing issue on start up.


How do I maintain all of my thread settings when upgrading to a new version of Goby Monitor?

Thread settings for Goby Monitor are stored in the monitor.ini file located in the install destination folder which by default is c:\Program Files\DocuLex\Goby\Common of the machine running the Goby Monitor software. Create a backup of this file before upgrading Goby Monitor. After performing the upgrade, be sure to register the software before restoring the monitor.ini file.

I’m receiving duplicate PDF files? What causes this?

Check both your Goby Profile Form settings and Goby Monitor Thread settings to make sure that you are not specifying output destinations in both places. If an output destination is specified in both locations, two PDF files will be created.

Can I use DocuLex Goby to process existing files without printing them and scanning them?

There are a variety of options available for processing existing files without printing them and scanning them.

The Goby Profiler software has the capability of the Electronic File Capture (EFC) of certain Microsoft Office Documents (currently Word, Excel, and Outlook). This feature allows you to capture documents in their native format, apply field information using the Goby Profiler software, and process the documents using the Goby Monitor software.

Goby Profiler also has a “Send To” option that allows you to send any document to Goby Profiler by right-clicking on the file in Windows Explorer and selecting Send To > Goby Profiler from the context menu.

Is there a limitation to the number of entries I can include in a Goby Profile form dropdown list?

Yes, v4 of Goby Profiler is limited to 50 items in a single dropdown list. V5.1 and higher of Profiler is limited to 150 items in a single dropdown list when using the Value List option for data entry.

The Goby EFC plugin button located in my Micosoft Office product is blank, how do I correct this?

In order to correct this issue, you must unregister and then re-register the Goby EFC plugin. The steps are located below:

To unregister Goby.dll:
From the Start menu, select Run.
Within the Run dialog, enter regsvr32 /u “C:\Program Files\DocuLex\Goby\Common\Goby.dll”

To register Goby.dll:
From the Start menu, select Run.
Within the Run dialog, enter regsvr32 /s “C:\Program Files\DocuLex\Goby\Common\Goby.dll”

You will probably need to browse back to the Goby.exe file one time after opening each MS product.

Note: If Goby is not installed in the default location, you will need to modify the paths above so that you are pointing to the correct location.

Is it possible to get around the 5000 page per PDF limitation in Goby Monitor?

Adding the following two lines to the monitor.ini file will allow you to create PDF files larger than 5000 pages.


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