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Endorsing Questions

How fast should the scanning/printing/OCR/PDF/Endorsing process be?

There are many variables that control the speed of different attributes of the DocuLex software. We have included a few hints below to help you get the most from your software.

Different scanners have different rated scan speed. Many scanner manufacturers quote rated speed of a production scanner by scanning low-DPI (200 DPI, for instance) images in binary (pure black & white) format. Scanning at a higher DPI will tend to reduce the number of pages per minute (ppm) that a scanner is capable of. Also keep in mind that scanner manufacturers often quote both pages per minute (ppm) and images per minute (ipm) with duplex scanners. A duplex scanner capable of 50 ppm is often capable of scanning 100 images per minute, but only if both sides of the page are being imaged. The rated speeds of most production scanners are available on the web site of the scanner’s manufacturer.

As with scanners, different printers have different rated speeds that are usually quoted at printing at a low resolution. DocuLex recommends printing at the same DPI of the images that are being printed through our software. For instance, if images have been scanned at 300 dpi, they should be printed at 300 dpi to achieve the highest print speed possible. Some print drivers do not allow the DPI setting to be changed, though many PCL drivers are interchangeable from one printer manufacturer to another, which allows the user to print to a printer from a driver that will allow such a setting.

Many factors such as processor speed and RAM will affect the speed of the OCR process. On today’s ‘average’ machine, DocuLex software will OCR between 400-800 pages an hour (8.5×11 images, 300 dpi, average letter text). Our OCR engine is optimized for 300 dpi images, images at a lower or higher resolution may affect OCR speed and/or quality.

The PDF process includes the OCR process mentioned above when OCR data is being included in the PDF file. PDF images with included OCR will achieve approximately the same pages per hour as mentioned above. PDF files created without OCR will be created on the average of 4000 images an hour.

The DocuLex endorsement process creates a small border below the bottom edge of the image and places the endorsement into this border. The endorsement process will create around 4000 endorsed images per hour.

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