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Dongle/Crypto Box Questions

When I run the program I receive the error ‘Crypto Box not found’, what do I do?

This error is most commonly caused by the Dongle (Crypto Box) not being directly attached to the parallel port of the PC. If the error is encountered while the Dongle is attached, the likely cause is either: an improperly configured parallel port, a faulty parallel port, or a faulty Dongle. The parallel port may need to be configured as an ECP port in the BIOS of the computer for the Dongle to be properly recognized. More information on Dongles can be found in the Dongles portion of the DocuLex FAQ.

When I run the program I receive the error ‘Installation did not register drivers’, what do I do?

The ‘Dongle’ that is used with DocuLex scanning software requires that certain drivers be installed. In order for the drivers to be properly registered by the installation program, the installation program must be run by a user who is logged in as an Administrator on the station. If this does not correct the issue, the user can also install the latest ‘CBSetup’ patch provided by our dongle manufacturer, which can be found on the Marx Crypto-Box web site at

I tried to scan and received the error ‘Counter at Zero’. What does this mean?

This error means that the Dongle/Crypto Box has run out of clicks and must be updated. In order to update the Dongle, contact DocuLex at 863.297.3691 x221 or

My authorization code did not add images to my counter. What should I do?

If the authorization code did not add images to the Dongle/Crypto Box you first need to check the date on your computer. *Please Note* the authorization code must be used on the same day the code was given. For example, if the code is received on February 2, 2004 but is not used until February 3, 2004, the code will not work unless the user changes the date on the computer back to February2, 2004. Once the clicks have been added to the counter the user may change the date back to the correct date. However, if the right date entered into the computer and the Serial Number Message Box is not empty and you are still having problems getting the authorization code to add images to the counter there is a possibility the counter has been damaged. Note, the counter will be damaged if you take it on or off the printer port while the DocuLex scanning product is opened. If you have reason to believe your counter has been damaged, please contact DocuLex immediately at 863.297.3691 extension 221.

When adding clicks to my counter my serial number is blank, what should I do?

If the Serial Number Message Box is empty there are three solutions that may correct the issue:

First, close the DocuLex scanning product. Once the program is closed remove the counter from the parallel port of the scanning station, clean it by blowing air into the connectors, and then reattach it back to the printer port. *Remember, do NOT take counter off the printer port when the DocuLex scanning product is opened.

Second, try the counter on another station, if available.

Last, test your printer port by printing when the counter is attached. If printing cannot be completed without an error, then there is a problem with the parallel port on the station.

If none of these solutions resolve your problem, please call DocuLex at 863-297-3691 extension 221 for further help.

My authorization code says that it has already been used. What should I do ?

If the latest version of Autoscan is not being used, this error message may be received. The version of Autoscan can be checked by clicking on the lock in the top left hand corner of the Autoscan window and then choosing About/Version information from the Main Autoscan Server menu. The latest version of Autoscan is available for download on our Downloads page.

Nothing happens when I click the lock in Autoscan, how do I get to the Autoscan menu?

When the Main Autoscan Server Menu does not appear, it is usually hidden behind the display window. If you drag the display window to one side, you may find it. If not, we recommend trying the following:

  • Close all of your programs
  • Open autoscan.ini file in the c:\Windows or c:\WinNT folder
  • Find the following lines and make sure yours match the ones below:

This will re-set the default location of the Autoscan Server back to a visible area of the screen.

Is a dongle necessary to use DocuLex software?

DocuLex Professional Capture requires the use of a dongle/counter to operate. Our dongles are attached to either the parallel port (older versions) or a USB port of the scanning station. The parallel dongle is a small white box which reads ‘Marx Crypto Box’.

Any version of Professional Capture later than v1.0.12 is compatible with our new USB dongle, which allows the software to be used on computers that do not have a parallel port. Previous versions of Professional Capture used the parallel version of the dongle, but it is no longer supported.

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