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Control Questions

My Bookmark or Mark Detection forms are printing improperly, what settings should I use?

DocuLex recommends the following settings for optimum printing of Mark Detection forms from a laser printer:

  • Use a PCL driver manufaturerd for the printer being used
  • In the printer settings, set the graphics type to raster (not vector)
  • In the printer settings, set the font settings to ‘print as raster’ or ‘print as graphics’

What is the format of the ‘DocuLex Import Format’?

The ‘DocuLex import format’ or ‘User created import file’ is of the following format:

“pagename1″,”path to tiff1″,”doc break”,”batch label”
“pagename2″,”path to tiff2″,”doc break”,”batch label”
“pagename3″,”path to tiff3″,”doc break”,”batch label”
“pagename4″,”path to tiff4″,”doc break”,”batch label”
“pagename5″,”path to tiff5″,”doc break”,”batch label”

For instance, a four page batch broken into two documents might have the import file below:


I have weird characters (#,%,@) in my pagename, how can I correct this?

The most common cause of this error is something stopping a renumber process in Control. In order to prevent this error, it is best to make a backup of the DocuLex tables before performing any extensive renumbering processes. In most cases, DocuLex Support can correct the problems with the tables.

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