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Instant Document Access!
For businesses that revolve around documents and email, such as legal departments and law offices.

Litigation and transaction documents are created in volumes, which include word processing documents, e-mail and paper-based files. This information represents the firm’s best thinking and experience, the intellectual capital of the organization. Document management solutions that unlock the value of this in-house work product can provide organizations with a distinct competitive advantage.

Content Control:
Consolidate all pertinent business information into a single browser based system with full access to documents via your intranets, extranets, or the Internet. Access WebSearch from inside familiar desktop tools, such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook, and other desktop products. Easy-to-use and cost-effective solutions help firm staff work together and share matter-related document content securely with both colleagues and clients. Keep up with the increasingly complex transactions, being worked on at the same time.
Efficiently manage the matter or engagement lifecycle, from the initial opening through the final disposition and destruction of its content.

It is more critical than ever to make the best decisions the first time around.

Document Management:
Retrieve your electronic document files, quickly and easily. Fulfill compliance concerns for secure document storage, policy based retention, activity logs and document access.

Documents are promptly available, presented by key values such as client or matter number, client name, document type, or other custom fields. Information can also be identified and retrieved using full text content.

Manage the security and retrieval of various file formats, such as MS-Office and PDF files, plus email.

Email Management:
An on-demand or on-premise email archiving solution for email storage management, legal discovery, compliance, and policy-based corporate governance needs

Locate any email by sender, recipient, CC, Date Sent, Date Received, Subject, the text body and content in attachments

Manage the security and retrieval of various file formats, such as MS-Office and PDF files, plus email.

Archive Studio can automatically create & manage custom designed folder structures that complement your familiar paper filing method.

Utilize the local file storage on your network or remote file server with secure access to the Internet.

Capture and Index:
Capture and index both paper and electronic files easily without causing a disruption to your daily workflow.

DocuLex ensures the confidence required to retrieve the desired information, when and where it’s needed. All DocuLex software products are easy to use for the document-imaging beginner, while flexible for the experienced user. DocuLex programs are of a Windows or browser based, open-system format.

DocuLex document imaging software supports most major brand production scanners and multifunctional copiers/printers with scanning capability .

The Top 10 List Is Covered:
Version control/comparison
Email capture, profiling and management
Full text searching of scanned paper and electronic files
Electronic files capture
Sharing documents with Check-in/out
Integrate and communicate with other line of business applications
Document recognition (Word, Word Perfect, Visio, Excel, PDF, Text, other, etc.)
Profiling and template control
Document retrieval, retention and archiving (Easy to use)

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