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NOTE:  DocuLex has achieved the ONC-ATCB Certification™ Seal for Archive Studio WebSearch Document Management software.  Archive Studio WebSearch has been tested and certified for use by healthcare providers seeking to adopt and successfully demonstrate “Meaningful Use of certified EHR technology” to qualify for incentive funds under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).  More..

Industry – Healthcare

Many healthcare organizations are finding the need for better management of patient or medical records, billing support documents, insurance documentation and employee files.  Part of this management is due to regulatory compliance concerns such as HIPAA for secure document storage, activity logs, and document access, and there is also the concern of trying to provide the best in patient care through effective and efficient file and workflow automation.  In addition, modern healtcare providers are seeking EHR EMR Document Management certification for meaningful use credits.

With the Archive Studio Content Management Software Suite, healthcare providers and organizations can capture, index, manage, store and retrieve electronic document files, including scanned documents and email, quickly and easily.  Documents are promptly available, presented by key values such as patient number, patient name, document type, transaction date or other custom fields.   With Archive Studio, information can also be identified and retrieved using full text content. Manage the security and retrieval of various file formats, such as MS-Office and PDF files, plus email.

Archive Studio can automatically create & manage custom designed folder structures that complement a healthcare organization’s paper filing method, while improving overall workflow and efficiency.   There is no misfiling of documents, and everything can be accessed in an instant through many different search methods.  Archive Studio is offered as a server-based software product or a secure service in the Cloud.  The Cloud option also meets with EHR EMR Document Management meaningful use credits.

Email Archiving and Compliance:
Email has become a significant portion of business workflow for many industries, including healthcare. This has created storage and security issues that need to be addressed, not to mention necessary compliance with many regulatory mandates. Having an email archiving solution in place supplies the user with a streamlined means of protecting this vital information, while making it easily accessible for discovery purposes (someone has a copy of your email, do you?). Email, when properly archived, is part of the ever-important “corporate memory”, which must be retained and maintained in many cases for a number of years.  The email archiving option also meets with EHR EMR Document Management meaningful use credits.

Archive Studio provides an on-demand or on-premise email archiving solution for email storage management, legal discovery, compliance, and policy-based corporate governance needs – a must have in the healthcare world. Archive Studio allows organizations to reduce the demands on Exchange and eliminate PSTs, while providing a virtually unlimited browser based mailbox for knowledge workers. Archive Studio combines document management, email management and records management with one manageable application.
DocuLex ensures the confidence required to retrieve the desired information, when and where it’s needed. All DocuLex software products are easy to use for the document-imaging beginner, while flexible for the experienced user. DocuLex programs are of a Windows or browser based, open-system format. DocuLex document imaging software supports most major brand production scanners and multifunctional copiers/printers with scanning capability.

We recommend the following “Archive Studio” selection of EHR EMR Document Management products.

WebSearch manages security and retrieval of indexed and stored electronic files housed locally on a network or remote file server with secure access to the internet. The electronic files may be easily located by searching document-specific descriptions or a combination of full text key words contained in the document. Proximity searching is also available using visual file cabinet and folder structure methods. WebSearch is the electronic document management component accompanying the document imaging and content indexing programs, Goby Capture, Office and Professional Capture.

Designed to utilize with digital copiers, network scanners and Microsoft Office. Goby provides walk-up convenience for scanning, indexing, archiving and sharing valuable documents. In addition, Goby offers the integrated capture and indexing capability for MS-Office files such as MS-Word, Excel and Outlook.

WebSearch Browser Based Capture LOW DEMAND
Designed for use with desktop scanners, WebSearch Capture is a convenient low-volume browser-based document scanning feature built in to WebSearch. It is available for users that desire a simple solution to quickly scan and index documents, making them archived and available on your network or in the Cloud for storage and retrieval. WebSearch Capture is on-demand scanning when needed and requires no desktop installation, only a browser. WebSearch Capture integrates electronic capture of paper files, plus content indexing, which produces searchable electronic files.

Professional Capture HIGH DEMAND
Designed for use with dedicated scanners or digital copiers, Professional Capture solves the desire to convert large volumes of paper to searchable electronic files. It is a productive software product that fulfills the demands of multiple, complex, imaging projects. Professional offers a wide variety of image processing and indexing capabilities which will streamline and reduce the cost of your conversion projects. DocuLex maximizes technology in order to minimize the labor component associated with document imaging, indexing and printing.

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