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Industry – Accounting / Finance

The DocuLex Archive Studio Content Management Software Suite is perfect for managing client accounts, general accounting documents, financial transactions and regulatory files

With Archive Studio, offered as a server-based solution or a service in the Cloud, retrieve your electronic document files, quickly and easily. Fulfill compliance concerns of Sarbanes-Oxley and Gramm-Leach-Bliley for secure document storage, activity logs and document access.

Client files are promptly available, presented by key values such as number, name, document type, transaction date, engagement, tax year, tax form, or other custom fields. Information can also be identified and retrieved using full text content. Archive Studio manages the security and retrieval of various file formats, such as MS-Office and PDF files, plus email.

The WebSearch component of Archive Studio streamlines, tracks, and controls the entire commercial lending origination process by automating information-gathering, decision making activities, underwriting, document preparation, and loan booking tasks. The system creates dramatic efficiencies through its built-in workflow management logic and anyplace/anytime connectivity capabilities. Commercial Loan Origination implementation encompasses system customization using business rules developed from a bank’s own policies, product definitions, user roles, and operating procedures, as well as the application of DocuLex’s industry “best practices” expertise.

Rules-based systematic management of loan origination and its associated processes reduces operational risk by reinforcing credit policy, providing an audit trail for decision making, identifying operating exceptions, and ensuring completion of documentation requirements. Automation of this process provides consistency in the organization’s response to credit requests and reduces staff time to process loans. Customer response is faster, and service staff has the ability to view deal structures and track the status of loan requests on-line to respond to customer inquiries.

Archive Studio can automatically create & manage custom designed folder structures that complement your familiar paper filing method, and utilizes the local file storage on your network or remote file server with secure access to the Internet.

Capture and Index:
Capture and index both paper and electronic files easily without causing a disruption to your daily workflow.
Archive Studio from DocuLex ensures the confidence required to retrieve the desired information, when and where it’s needed. All DocuLex software products are easy to use for the document-imaging beginner, while flexible for the experienced user. DocuLex programs are of a Windows or browser based, open-system format.

DocuLex document imaging software supports most major brand production scanners and multifunctional copiers/printers with scanning capability.

We recommend the following “Archive Studio” selection of Document Management products.

WebSearch manages security and retrieval of indexed and stored electronic files housed locally on a network or remote file server with secure access to the internet. The electronic files may be easily located by searching document-specific descriptions or a combination of full text key words contained in the document. Proximity searching is also available using visual file cabinet and folder structure methods. WebSearch is the electronic document management component accompanying the document imaging and content indexing programs, Goby Capture, Office and Professional Capture.

Designed to utilize with digital copiers, network scanners and Microsoft Office. Goby provides walk-up convenience for scanning, indexing, archiving and sharing valuable documents. In addition, Goby offers the integrated capture and indexing capability for MS-Office files such as MS-Word, Excel and Outlook.

Office Capture LOW DEMAND
Designed to utilize with desktop scanners or digital copiers. Office Capture is a convenient low volume document scanning software product for users that desire a simple solution to quickly convert paper business documents to electronic files, archived and available on your network for storage and retrieval. Office Capture integrates electronic capture of paper files, plus content indexing, which produces searchable electronic files.

Professional Capture HIGH DEMAND
Designed for use with dedicated scanners or digital copiers, Professional Capture solves the desire to convert large volumes of paper to searchable electronic files. It is a productive software product that fulfills the demands of multiple, complex, imaging projects. Professional offers a wide variety of image processing and indexing capabilities which will streamline and reduce the cost of your conversion projects. DocuLex maximizes technology in order to minimize the labor component associated with document imaging, indexing and printing.

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