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W3C World Wide Web Consortium.   A forum for information and the development of specifications for the web.  Document management and email archiving manufacturers conform to the specifications for those with web based applications.

WAI Web Accessibility Initiative. W3C initiative to develop strategies, guidelines and resources to help make the Web accessible to people with disabilities.

WAN Wide Area Network.  A means of connecting computer systems (normally by telephone links) where distance  considerations preclude the possibility of a direct LAN connection.  Frequently a cause of bottlenecks because of the limited speed of the links and the rental cost of the lines. See also ISDN.

WAP Wireless Application Protocol.  A set of specifications for developing web-like applications that runs over wireless networks.

WCM see Web Content Management

Web 2.0 An imprecise term used to cover the use of the Web for interactive and collaborative purposes such as social networking, wikis and blogs.  Web 2.0 is used widely in web or browser based document management, email archiving and  content management applications.

Web Based Scanning a document scanning solution utilizing a browser application which requires no dedicated Microsoft Windows software to be installed on the local user’s PC.  DocuLex WebSearch document management software offers a web based scanning solution.

Web Content Management  The management of content that is destined to be published on a website.

WebDAV Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning.  Protocol extension to HTTP for the management of documents over the Web.

Web services A standard way of integrating web-based applications using XML, SOAP and other open standards over an Internet connection.

WFM Workflow Management. A system that concentrates on automating and controlling the flow of work and often controls the routing of documents.

WFMC  Workflow Management Coalition. An open group of companies whose purpose is to create specifications in the area of workflow management technology and promote the understanding of workflow (www.wfmc.org).

Wiki A website editable by any user for the purposes of collaboration and collective authoring.

Wildcard Non-specific searching term primarily used in text or text field searching as a substitute for characters or words.  DocuLex WebSearch document management software extends it’s search feature to include wildcard searching.

WML Wireless Markup Language

Workflow The process of organising business processes as a controlled sequence of activities.  Petri-net diagrams are commonly utilized as models for a business process workflow.  WebSearch document management software includes workflow as a standard feature.

Workflow Management Coalition. See WfMC

WORM disk A random access digital mass storage device. Its main characteristics are: high storage capacity, recordability, security of information (data cannot be erased or modified), durability and removability (it can be stored off-line). At present the most common disk size for WORM is 5.25in. Disks may be single- or double-sided.

World Wide Web Term used to describe the hypertext system devised to publish and link documents on the Internet. Comprises web server software, HTML, browser software and HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol).  DocuLex hosts Archive Studio document management and email archiving software as a cloud based service of the the world wide web.

WORM Write-Once-Read-Many. Characteristic of digital storage medium on which data can be recorded once and read many times. The written data cannot subsequently be modified.

WYSIWYG What You See Is What You Get. An attribute of software applications such as word processing and desktop publishing implying that the image seen on the display will be accurately replicated when it is printed.

WWW See World Wide Web

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