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UDO Ultra Density Optical. The 30GB standard for professional optical storage.  Based on high density, blue laser technology, UDO is the next generation to 5.25 inch MO (Magneto Optical) storage.  Not a common storage media with document management, workflow and email archiving applications.

Uniform Resource Locator see URL

UNIX  Uniplexed Information Computing Service. An operating system widely used in computers employing RISC technology. Has much greater functionality than DOS from a system viewpoint and supports open system objectives on medium and large system servers.

URL  Uniform Resource Locator. Short strings that identify resources in the Web, e.g. documents, images, downloadable files,  services, electronic mailboxes, and other resources. They make resources available under a variety of naming schemes and access methods, such as http, ftp and Internet mail, addressable in the same simple way.   Web based document management software  utilized URL technology for both cloud based services and local network access.

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