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RAID Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks. A bank of hard disks which is usually an extension to a computer system. Data is organized on the disks such that the failure of any single disk does not cause a total loss of data. This enables the system to continue in use while the faulty disk is replaced.  RAID disk drive servers are common for the file storage managed by document management and email archiving software applications.

Ranking Text searching technique which ranks (orders) located reference in order of compliance with search criteria.

Raster graphics The technique of displaying an image as a series of points in a column and row grid format. Each point is
called a pixel and has a value which describes the point in terms of its color and intensity. The outputs from fax machines, scanners and television cameras are all raster images. See also Bit map, Image

RDBMS  Relational DataBase Management System. A database system in which information is stored in separate tables which can then be related, e.g. a client name and address would be stored once and other files would store a ‘relationship’, such as a client number, in order to retrieve the related information.  Used often with document management, workflow and email archiving systems.

Record Any piece of information created or received and maintained by an organization or person in the course of their business or conduct of affairs and kept as evidence of such activity.  A record can be paper, electronic files such as MS-Word, Excel, plus also email messages.  Email archiving is the proper method of storing email records.  Document management systems will track records management for proper records retention.

Record retention schedule A schedule that details the categories of records an organization is required to store. It outlines the length of time different categories of records should be stored, and when they can be deleted.  Most responsible document management software products offer records retention scheduling.

Records Management The function of managing records to meet organizational needs, business efficiency and legal and financial accountability.  Records management is a key component of email archiving and document management software.

Redaction The blanking out of a part of a document or record. A copy of a record on which some information has been blanked.

Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks See RAID

Resolution (i) In electronic imaging it defines the clarity and information content of a bit-map. Often measured in dots per inch (dpi) and commonly used as part of the specification of printers, scanners and computer displays. (ii) In micrographics it is a measure of a photographic system’s ability to resolve fine detail. Measurements are made with the aid of a resolution test chart. Unit = line pairs per millimeter.

Rewritable A disk that is capable of being rewritten. This term is normally associated with optical disks which may also be Read Only or Write Once Read Many (WORM). Disks may be single or double sided. See also erasable disk

RIM Records and Information Management.

RTF Rich Text Format.

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