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LAN Local Area Network. A network of connected devices, typically within a small area such as an office or building, supporting high-speed transmission of data over twisted pair, coaxial cable or fibre optic cable.  Document management systems are accessed over a LAN, WAN or Internet.

LCD Liquid Crystal Display. A display in which a layer of liquid crystals is held between two flat panels. Electronic signals change the structure of the crystals from transparent to opaque and back lighting (or reflected light) makes the image visible. See also LED

LDAP Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. A set of protocols for accessing user and information directories.

LED Light Emitting Diode. A display in which an electric current causes a semi-conductor circuit to generate light. No longer popular in portable equipment because of high power usage in comparison with LCD. See also LCD

Legal Hold is a process which an organization uses to preserve all forms of relevant information when litigation is reasonably anticipated.  From Wikipedia

Light Emitting Diode See LED

Linux A version of UNIX that has gained popularity because of its stability as an operating system for hosting web servers. Linux is open source software and is freely available over the Internet.

Crystal Display
See LC

Area Network

Lossless  Compression techniques that operate without the loss of data.  This is the preferred compression method for archiving documents in a document management system. Group IV compressed files inside of TIFF or PDF is the preferred format.

Lossy  Compression techniques that can involve the loss of data.  JPEG is an file type that uses Lossy compression.

LZW Lempel Ziv Welch. A lossless data compression algorithm for grayscale in particular.

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