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GIF CompuServe’s Graphics Interchange Format.  A file format that allows high-quality, high-resolution graphics to be displayed on a variety of graphics hardware and is intended as an exchange and display mechanism for graphics images.  GIF files are easily managed with document management software.

Gigabyte (GB) One thousand megabytes.

Graphical User Interface See GUI

Graphics Pictures and drawings created by
computer or scanned into the computer. Includes vector graphics and raster

Grayscale  Simplest form of scanned raster data. All
scanner data, including binary data, starts as grayscale. Grayscale images have
a number which describes how light or dark each pixel is. It is used for
representing continuous tone images such as photographs.

Grayscale range The range is determined by how
sensitive the scanner is to light or dark. The greater the range the more
gradations of grayscale. 8 bits of data per pixel allows 256 different levels
of grey. 4 bits per pixel allows 16 levels.

Group III/IV Prevalent compression techniques
for raster images developed by CCITT for fax. Group III typically provides
compression ratios of 5-20:1. Group IV typically provides ratios of 15-30:1 for
textual documents. The real figures depend on the original document.

Groupware Software which builds on LAN’s,
e-mail and database software to support collaborative working and the sharing
of documents and other information in workgroups. Document management and
shared document databases are an important part of most groupware software
application packages.

GSM Global System for Mobile communication

GUI  Graphical User Interface. Enables computer
users to select applications and functions by selecting on-screen picture
buttons (icons) using a mouse or similar pointing device, e.g. MS-Windows for
MS-DOS, Presentation Manager for OS/2.

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