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B2B (business-to-business) Electronic transactions between organizations.  Document management applications manage business to business document transactions utilizing workflow processes as well as email archiving solutions.

B2C (business-to-consumer) Electronic transactions between organizations and individual consumers.

B2G (business to government) Electronic transactions between organizations and government.

Backfile conversion Process of converting files/documents that have accumulated over a period of time. Used in reference to projects to scan and digitize documents. See also Conversion

Background Parts of a page or image that does not include text, lines or other information.

Back-up A copy of data for short-term storage as an assurance against loss of master data. The process of producing a back-up copy.

BASDA Business Application Software Developers Association. Association of software suppliers that have agreed to a set of XML schemas for e-business, including electronic invoices and purchase orders.

Barcode A machine-readable array of vertical lines and spaces representing data. There are many types of barcodes, including Code 39, 25,128 and the new 2D style barcode know as PDF417.  Widely used for automatically indexing documents for workflow use and document management needs.

BCS Business Classification Scheme. Method of organizing information for purposes such as retrieval, storage and retention scheduling. May be used to organize paper files and/or an EDM system.

Bi-level A binary scan in which each pixel represents either black or white, i.e. no grey or color values. Synonymous with black-and-white and monochrome.

Bitmap A representation of an image containing characters, graphics, etc. as a series of pixels arranged in horizontal and vertical sequence. Each pixel can be represented by one bit or up to 32 bits. See also Raster graphics.  Bitmap images are used for OCR technology for full text searching in document managment software.

BizTalk A set of Microsoft-backed standards for using XML for B2B transactions.

Bleed through The unwanted appearance of information printed on the reverse of a page when viewing or scanning the front of the page.

Boolean searching Text searching technique using Boolean logic operators such as AND, OR and NOT.

BPM Business Process Management also described as Workflow. Generally a Petri-net design is established and then the documented process is used or automating a business process.

BPR Business Process Re-engineering. Name given to a project that involves modeling one or more business processes, redesigning them and then implementing the new processes often using workflow document management software.

Business Classification Scheme See BCS.

Byte A group of 8 bits. This is a convenient grouping for computers because the main computer character codes both fit into an 8-bit format. See ASCII, EBCDIC

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