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Liberate the Firm’s Work Product and Profit From Hidden Assets

Leverage the intellectual capital generated by legal professionals and enable efficient reuse of knowledge assets in future work product. Archive Studio equips organizations with online document management, so that users can quickly locate relevant documents and benefit from existing internal expertise.

Law firms, corporate legal departments, consulting professionals, and legal offices in government agencies create volumes of documents and work product each day. These documents represent the firm’s best thinking and experience, the intellectual capital of the organization. Document management solutions that unlock the value of this in-house work product can provide organizations with a distinct competitive advantage. DocuLex makes this easy and affordable with Archive Studio’s online service.

Archive Studio is designed to increase knowledge sharing in your organization with convenient and secure browser based access to your organization’s collection of work product. You can quickly find relevant documents and gain insight and understanding from internal knowledge and expertise.
With Archive Studio you can:

  • Deploy with no capital cost.
  • Reuse your organization’s best work, regardless of practice area.
  • Enhance quality and consistency with document versioning and control.
  • Increase knowledge sharing and transfer.
  • Improve productivity and avoid “reinventing the wheel”.
  • Help junior associates benefit from the experience of more seasoned professionals.
  • Integrate with external knowledge management libraries.
  • Retrieve documents in your native word-processing format for easy editing and repurposing.
  • Collect and classify documents automatically.
  • Maintain maximum internet security and enjoy instant document access from anywhere at any time.

Locate, Retrieve, and Repurpose

Begin managing your documents today, with the “Work Product Library” online subscription service.

An alternative to licensing Archive Studio for your server is our Online Subscription. For as little as $49.00 per month, you have secure internet access to your firms work product library. Access a Live Online Self Guided Demonstration of Archive Studio’s WebSearch, designed for managing Work Product

Experience the browser-based document management software today by accessing the online preview now.

A form will display for our records, and then you will be presented with a PDF file containing the encrypted link, login and password. The 16 page PDF file will assist you on the self guided tour.

Simply click the image below to continue.

Online Subscription benefits include:

  • 24/7 access to your work product library, from anywhere, anytime, with Archive Studio.
  • No additional servers to purchase.
  • Elimination of ongoing IT expenses.
  • Software maintenance updates are included with the subscription.
  • Server and database updates are included with the subscription.
  • Backup of application, documents and database is automatic.
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