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Business Process Management – Workflow

Remote or local access to decision making information, Policy based permissions and Instant updates to business process activities

Persistent focus on end-to-end process improvement, Browser based online collaboration and Secure storage on your network server, remote server or cloud computing service

Standardizing performance, insuring follow through, streamlining the workforce and producing repeatable positive results

WebSearch is the Document Management and Business Process Management Workflow component of Archive Studio


In our respective organizations we spend a lot of time with documents and forms. Documents and forms are passed to each other in support of our daily tasks. We do this in a myriad of ad-hoc patterns combining modern technologies such as electronic mail messaging and document imaging with the traditional paper based style inbox/outbox shuffle. Organizations even use valuable staff resources to make sure that the ad-hoc pattern is flowing.

Workflow systems, powered by the DocuLex workflow “decision engine”, structure our document exchanges so that work activities have consistency, insuring the content required to perform your task is reliable and complete.

We are controlled by workflow and simultaneously empowered by it. Timed activities and automated activities promise reliable on-time completion of your business process. WebSearch lets you set up the desirable flows of work and the computers help you with tasks that can be automated, freeing staff members for more creative and productive activities.

The WebSearch document management system allows for the modeling of any business process workflow because of the workflow engine. The workflow engine is a module of Archive Studio that is included at no additional fee.

General Information

WebSearch enables knowledge workers across any business to quickly bring diverse content types together in a secure, indexed, searchable and highly scalable electronic repository. The content can be centrally managed for better control, collaboration and business productivity. WebSearch is a 100% browser based content management solution managed by a single server installation. It allows enterprise-wide information control and retention policy management without increasing demands on IT.  Both electronically created documents, email and digitally scanned paper files may be easily located by searching document-specific descriptions or a combination of key words contained in the document. Document collections are securely maintained in permissions based libraries per user community or shared across the organization.

Files may be stored in standard secure Microsoft folders, on any storage media, with folder names that are meaningful to your filing process. In addition, file names that accurately describe the document are created automatically.

Fulfill your desire for a simple yet productive means of converting paper or electronic documents to organized searchable electronic files along with a secure easy method for retrieval and printing. DocuLex ensures the confidence required to retrieve the desired information, when and where it is needed.

All DocuLex software products are easy to use for the document-imaging beginner, while flexible for the experienced user. DocuLex programs are of a Windows or browser based, open-system format, and compatible with most major brand production scanners and multifunctional copiers/printers.

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