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How Document Management Software Can Help Your Small Business

September 27, 2013Alan VollmarGeneralComments Off

Almost every business deals with a mountain of paperwork. While small businesses deal with fewer documents than multinational corporations, they also have fewer people to handle the documents. That’s where document management software comes in handy — especially if it’s just you running your business.

What is document management software?

As the name implies, it’s a program that lets you store,organize, sort, and retrieve documents. Yes you can already do that with a series of folders, but document management software works more efficiently, particularly if you deal with years and years of invoices, records, and payment data.

Find documents quickly

If you save files in folders, you likely save documents by type. That’s fine when you have a handful of documents, but when you have hundreds or thousands and need quick recall can you easily find the right file?

With document management software, you can search using metadata that you put in the document when you save it. For example, you could add the date of a finished job or invoice, a client’s name, or any relevant data. And with metadata you can include multiple tags so you can search for the same document in different ways and find it quickly.

Can I afford document management?

More important, can you afford to do without it? Most small businesses don’t need expensive systems. Basic document management software offers a lot of help for storing, organizing, and retrieving documents.

Small business owners often think they can get by without document management software—until they have a problem finding or retrieving an important document. This can result in a loss of business or in looking unprofessional in front of clients or vendors.

Adding document management software to your system makes you more professional and lets you focus on doing your work without having to sort through endless files on a regular basis.

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