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Web based scanning with WebSearch Document Management software – Test case with a Ricoh MFP connected to a network.

September 22, 2011davidTechnology Update2

I was pleasantly surprised, this week, when I tested the WebSearch built in web based scanning and indexing feature with a Ricoh copier running on the network.  The Ricoh copier (MFP) scanned directly into WebSearch, through the network, as you would expect from a dedicated scanner connected to a desktop with a USB cable.  All that was required of the user was a one-time installation of the MFP TWAIN driver into their desktop PC workstation.  The driver is supplied by Ricoh and available for download from the Ricoh support driver site.  WebSearch is acquired through the browser so there was nothing from DocuLex to install.

The steps to scan and index a document with WebSearch and the Ricoh MFP network connection:
From the WebSearch document management software, select the SCAN icon on the TOOLS menu ribbon.  All of the scanning and image correction icons will appear along with the image preview screen and fields for adding meta data values.  Select the Scan document icon.  A Ricoh message will appear on the preview screen indicating that you should add paper to the Ricoh MFP and then select the green start button located on the MFP panel (same as the copy button).  I walked over to the MFP and scanned a very large document.  I was able to continue adding more paper to the ADF without interruption or any additional interaction with WebSearch.  Once scanning was completed, a Ricoh message appeared on the preview screen asking if the user was finished scanning.  Once I selected OK, the entire scanning process was complete.  In addition, the scanned images were displayed for me to inspect or correct prior to archiving with WebSearch.  The WebSearch web based scanning experience along with the Ricoh MFP was uncomplicated and very simple for any beginner to use.  The only thing left for me to do was to add searchable meta data to the indexing form and select the save icon.

When any authorized knowledge worker wants to retrieve that document, all they would need to do is enter one or many matching meta data values or full text content contained somewhere in the body of the document and WebSearch will display the matching document in seconds.

Email Archiving and Email Backup Comparison

September 13, 2011davidTechnology UpdateComments Off

Written by David Bailey, September 2011.  White Paper is available.

There is some confusion between email archiving and email backups and questions regarding the difference.
Email backups are for disaster recovery and email archiving is primarily for data discovery and email retention policy compliance.

Email backups are generally thought of as insurance in case of a disaster.  Email backups require large amounts of time to recover, an available system for recovery, plus the storage space available for a full recovery.  Email archiving is specifically designed to quickly and easily meet retention policy and regulatory requirements.

Email archiving allows for a reduction in the primary Exchange email store, plus reduction in storage costs for those expensive fast hard drives.  Email archiving offers tamper proof storage and tape backups only record what has not already been deleted from Exchange.  Email Archiving prevents data corruption and report data tampering, backups don’t.

What’s possibly the most important benefit to email archiving is the ability to immediately execute quick searches on all email content and any word or phrase in attachments or file names.  Virtually, anything can be easily found in an email archiving solution that offers robust discovery search tools.  Once discovered, messages can be opened with their native application, placed on legal hold or arranged in temporary working space for collaboration with authorized knowledge workers.

Keep in mind that email and attachment data is one of the primary data stores for understanding what goes on in your organization internally, with customers, suppliers and other related associates.

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