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Service Bureaus as DocuLex Partners

July 19, 2011adminGeneralComments Off

DocuLex is inviting the conversion services industry to become part of the DocuLex dealer network.  Such partnerships will enable conversion services providers the opportunity to offer their customers a hosted solution for complete content management after the conversion process.  The DocuLex Archive studio subscription-based software as a service is a 100% secure, browser-based solution that is an easy-to-use, productive electronic document management system for any business environment seeking secure instant document access.  Archive Studio and its components enable collaboration, email archiving and compliance, knowledge management, customized workflow and records retention.  Conversion service providers will benefit from offering the hosted solution to their customers by adding value to their existing customer base and attracting new customers with the offer of a complete solution for managing content after the conversion process, ultimately increasing revenue and having higher grossing sales overall.  The Archive Studio subscription-based hosted solution is well suited for organizations with limited IT staff, and can be acquired for as little as $ 40 per user per month.
The DocuLex hosted solution is a great fit for conversion services providers to offer clients as there is not a significant amount of time or expense that needs to be invested in ramp-up to offer the solution to customers, and DocuLex stands right beside the Service Bureau to provide any and all support needed to the end user.  Service bureaus do conversion for entities that don’t want to convert their documents to digital format in-house, and many of these companies need a way to manage their documents after the conversion process.  They will be looking to the Service Bureau for a solution, and now the Service Bureau can offer one by reselling Archive Studio software as a service.

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